3 Workouts in San Diego to Help You with Your New Year’s Resolutions


2017 is here and if you’re like most people you start the year off saying you’re going to start working out and eating healthy. In the past you might have spent 2 hours doing cardio at your gym followed by spending your entire paycheck at Whole Foods, but not this year. If you’re sick of doing the elliptical and taking extremely loud Zumba classes at your local gym then head to one of these fitness studios in San Diego to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping.

Pure Barre

Various locations in San Diego

Utilizing a ballet barre, Pure Barre is a 55-minute full-body workout that focuses on small isometric movements targeting your hips, thighs, seat, abs, and arms. The tiny movements are similar to traditional strength training moves such as lunges and squats but with tiny pulses and tucks sprinkled into the workout. After strengthening each of the aforementioned body groups, you’ll stretch out your working zone in order to create long lean muscles. Once you’ve become the belle of the barre add in some cardio to your workout by taking a Pure Barre Platform class. This newly launched class is designed to optimize cardiovascular results and increase total body strength. This fast-paced class combines a mix of high intensity yet low impact cardio work with lower intensity muscle-building. Like a regular Pure Barre class, this 55-minute class is designed to help you burn calories, jumpstart your metabolism, and increase your endurance.

If you’re a barre fanatic and are looking to try something new in the barre world, go the extra mile by taking a heated barre class at Belle + Barre. A barre class at Belle + Barre is like taking a traditional barre class but with heightened intensity brought on by heat (the room is kept between 85-95 degrees), cardiovascular conditioning and strength training.

Flow Republic Yoga

4645 Cass St #203

Flow Republic Yoga is about taking yoga outside of the yoga studio. They host various classes in outdoor parks so yogis can come together, flow, and listen to a rockin’ playlist. They host two weekly classes: Candlelight Hip Hop Yoga and Candlelight Reggae Flow. The Candlelight Hip Hop Yoga class is designed for all levels of participants set to a hip hop playlist. You can expect to be doing a few downward dogs while jamming out to Straight Outta Compton and have Drake telling you that you’re a good girl and you know it while in savasana.

If you’re new to yoga but still want to have fun take the Candlelight Reggae Flow class. This class is geared towards relaxation and is less physically challenging. For those who are new, expect more individual attention.  

Barry’s Bootcamp

1220 Cleveland Ave

If you’re going to Barry’s Bootcamp get ready to SWEAT. This is the perfect class for someone who wants to constantly switch up their routine. The Barry’s method is designed to shock your body while improving your cardiovascular system, assisting you in losing weight and building muscle. The hour long-long workout includes 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25-30 minutes of strength training with free weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls.

From barre to yoga to high-intensity training, no matter what your goals are for this upcoming year or your level of fitness you’ll be sure to enjoy a fun workout, get sweaty, meet new people, and meet your goals.

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