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Pumpkin Smoothie

It’s the week of Halloween, you had to know the inevitable was coming. That’s right I am starting to incorporate pumpkin into my diet. From pumpkin waffles to pumpkin smoothie this month is dedicated to Hocus Pocus and… Read More

Fall in Love – Fall Smoothie Recipe

The calendar says Fall but my heart says Summer. In order to celebrate Fall I’ve started blending in more seasonal (Fall) fruits and vegetables into my daily morning smoothies. While I have yet to jump on the pumpkin… Read More

Aloha Avocado

Spongebob Squarepants may live in a pineapple under the sea but not after all this juicing. (Sorry for eating your home, Spongebob!). While this juice is mostly comprised of vegetables the pineapple gives it a hint of sweetness… Read More

Mean Green

There is something attractive and appetizing about brightly colored juices. Instead of weird looking juices mixed with random ingredients you know a brightly colored juice has everything you need for your nutrition while also looking delicious. It’s all… Read More

Good Morning Sunshine!

The juice and smoothie trend  has taken over the world, especially for those who are healthy and those who want to seem like they’re healthy,  I am most definitely in the latter group. For me the great thing… Read More

Sweet as a Peach

Peaches are to Summer as Pumpkins are to Fall. We are in the peak of peach season! For many peaches are a symbol of long summer days. But for others they have another connotation, just type in #🍑… Read More

Pretty in Pink Strawberry Smoothie

Pink is one of my favorite colors and the color associated with all things playful, fun, and girly. This smoothie is no different! It’s the bubblegum pop song you can’t get out of your head and an easy… Read More

The Hulk

It’s hard to be wide eyed and bushy tailed in the early morning. There are multiple ways to energize yourself: exercising before work, taking a shower, having a few caffeine pills like Jessie Spano or you can have… Read More

Triple Berry Threat

  Out of all the juices that I’ve made for myself red juices are by far my favorite. Maybe because I like to say “beets don’t kale my vibe” when I’m throwing the beets in the blender or… Read More

I Love You Berry Much

This recipe is for the berry lovers! While this recipe turned out to be technically more of a smoothie rather than a juice it is still definitely going to be categorized under the healthy beverages section of this… Read More